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  • Cute Clothes Please and Thank You

    cute clothes

    Cute Clothes Please and Thank You!

    We all want cute clothes to wear every day or for whatever occasion, don't we?  If there is any other word more satisfying than cute, then please tell us, because if you feel cute in your clothes and look cute in your clothes, all is well.

    Cute Clothes from Season to Season

    In past seasons we noticed that most cute trends were more along the structured spectrum of fashion clothes and dresses. This spring season is all the opposite.  During fashion week there seemed to be one popular clothes trend that most designers were eager to display on their models walking down the runway:

    Cute Tunic Over Pants

    cute clothesAlthough it may seem that wearing a tunic would be counter-flattering, due to its oversized silhouette threatening to swallow your figure, if styled correctly, a short tunic can easily fit into any woman's cute and casual every day clothes wardrobe.






    How to Wear Your Cute Tunic Clothes

    There are several ways to wear a tunic, but the most important detail is to make the look simple and unfussy.  The Sheila Tunic we styled in this outfit is the perfect length to pair with a cropped pant in a pastel color, such as these Pinkish Pants by OXMO. Selecting cropped pants as these works well by  not taking away from the flowing silhouette of the tunic.

    cute clothesHow to Accessorize Your Cute Tunic and Pants Clothes Outfit

    For accessories with your cute clothes, try silver pieces to play against the gray hue of the tunic. A Bib Necklace is a statement piece that can add a layer of glamour to this casual outfit. Then, not to distract from a statement necklace, try a small pair of flower studs  or a beaded bangle.

    To smarten up the entire cute outfit while making it comfortable enough for an everyday casual wear, strap on a pair of single colored wedges, similar to these from Lucky Brand...

    cute clothes

    More Cute Clothes Dresses from Day to Dinner



    Planning on eating dinner out with friends? Then our cute clothes suggestion is to get your hands on Apricot's Summer dress.  Wear this dress with a fitted blazer, slip on your heels and out the door you go!

    cute clothes


    Cute Clothes Dresses for Classy & Fabulous



    Inspired by Coco Chanel's famous quote: "a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous", we styled this 50's inspired black dress with two statement accessories: a sequin clutch and peep-toe heels. This sleeveless dress features a semi sheer back - perfect for showing your flirty side. Wear this outfit to a long dinner date out on the town or an intimate dinner date at home.

    cute clothes


    • Juliette Dress from Dresses at Apricot Collection

    • Pink and Preppy Trench Coat

    • Roman Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch

    • Valentina Quilted Shoulder Bag in Petal Pink

    • Loretta Platform High Heel

    Even if you are not going out, you can still dress up for every day errands. Try wearing a comfy top in a soft shade of green with skinny pants and a pair of flats for a more "relaxed" cute clothes daily outfit.


    Cute Clothes for Saturday



    When you wake up Saturday morning to notice that your cute clothes are not exactly in "wearable" condition, go grab a pair of jeans like our Flare Denim, for example. You can never go wrong with slipping on a pair of denim. Style them with a cute oversized sweater, gold ring and leather ankle boots. Throw your makeup and wallet into a medium-sized satchel bag, then walk your way to brunch looking rested and feeling comfortable.

    cute clothes

    • Flared Denim from Apricot Collection

    • Zita V Neck Knitting Grey Sweater

    • L.O.V.E. Cut Out Cuff Ring

    • Osana Buckled Up Vogue Boot

    • Pedra Checkered Out Satchel in Khaki



    Cute Clothes Dresses for Summer & Weddings



    Once the warmer Spring and Summer seasons arrive, so do weddings. It's something most brides-to-be look forward to: having an outdoor ceremony under the beautiful blue skies.

    Whether you are invited as an official guest, or if you are going as the “plus one”, it is not always necessary to be a part of the bridal party to turn heads with your cute clothes dresses.

    Here are three perfect dresses for all of your weddings this season.




    A cute and vibrant colorful dress can easily take you to the nuptials and beyond …

    cute clothes• Belted Safari Dress or Try the Wanderlust Dress from Apricot

    • Stella & Dot Studs

    • Stella & Dot Sidewinder Ring

    • BCBGMAZAZRIA Estie High Heel

    • Aldo Bovian Clutch




    Cute Clothes Dresses Can Be Showstoppers



    A flattering “hugging” showstopper dress will make you feel like a million …


    cute clothes

    • Coral Bloom Dress from Apricot Dresses

    • Stella & Dot Fiona Earrings

    • Stella & Dot Bello Bangle

    • Corso Como Coral Suede Pumps

    • Tasha Pearlier Box Clutch


    Cute LND Clothes



    A LND - Cute Little Navy Dress is a classic, reinvented with sleek accessories and subtle details ...

    cute clothes

    • Hot Navy Dress or Try the Carolina Dress from Apricot Dresses Collection

    • Stella & Dot Glint Flower CZ Studs

    • Stella & Dot Glint Flower CZ Necklace

    • Badgley Mischka Mable Satin Bow Pump

    • Moyna Beaded Clutch


    cute clothesCute Clothes & Your Style Questions


    Don't forget that you can come and ask any questions about your cute clothes on your Style Chat with Ashleigh Scott.


    And for more cute clothes, check out Michael Kors Spring 2014 Runway Collection...

  • Purses Weakness


    I have a confession to make.  I have a weakness for purses.  Of all kinds.


    pursesBeing a petite 5’2”, I can’t keep up with much of the clothing trends out there.  A tunic with leggings?  I might as well wear a potato sack because that’s what I’d end up looking like.  Trying to find a maxi dress short enough to not look like a bridal gown train would take up too much of my summer and then it would be cold again and the hunt would be placed on hold again until next year.

    But a stylish new hobo handbag is right up my alley!


    The purses and handbag trends for any season can be easily affordable and realistically worn every day.  Lately, big handbags are being replaced by small purses or clutches and structured top handle bags.  Geometric patterns, crazy prints and bright florals are popular bags on the runways.  Animal prints are a carryover from previous seasons, but seen mostly on small purses, bags and clutches.  Metallics are big in clothing and make up too, and mixed texture bags are so fun!  Think cut outs, trims and accents all with different materials for purses.



    pursesApricot Collection has brought in a purses line brand I love, Nella Bella!  If you want to be trendy and not break the bank, here are some bags for you!


    Purses Weakness...


    The Rosebay is an everyday handbag with the front and back designs varying slightly in appearance.  The carrying straps are wide and comfortable.  This is a great “mommy” bag with dimensions of 14 in. x 5 in. x 9.5 in.  The Rosebay purses come in bright spring colors of green and pink, and other neutral colors of black, brown, and navy.  $69.




    Purses Weakness...


    The Carina is Nella Bella’s multi-functional, classic and sophisticated handbag.  This bag is a grab and go shopping tote or purse.  Everything is detachable; chains, and straps make this a mixed texture bag.  The handbag comes with comfort curved handles and a cross-body strap.  What a fun structured top handle bag!  Sized 13 in. x 3 in. x 15.5 in. $109.




    Purses Weakness...


    The Mizar is your business to evening fashion star, because of its classic shape and tastefully placed studs. You get a spacious interior with this handbag, because of its depth and line. A hands free removable strap gives this bag even more function, and the carrying handles are curved for your comfort. $145.



    Purses Weakness...


    Finally, The Polaris is a curvy shoulder handbag with structure, studs and all-around piping.  The inside zipper pocket can securely hold items like a smart phone.  A removable key chain and strap are included with this bag, giving a chic silhouette with  function and flair. A great bag size at 15 in. x 2.5 in. x 14 in. $125.




    Here are some tips on what to look for in your bags purchase decisions that you can apply right here to Nella Bella's bags too...



    purses purses purses weakness purses purses purses purses purses...



    pursesBeth Sanborn is a tall girl stuck in a short girl’s body, but makes up for her short comings by shopping her way through the Southern coastal trends of Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston.  As much as her 5 year old son will let her!  Visit her mom blog at Far From Camelot for ~Apricot Collection.

  • Women's Clothing Defined


    This is Women's Clothing Defined!

    Have you ever been in a situation where you read an article in a fashion magazine, and didn't entirely understand the terms used to describe the women's clothing?

    That’s why we’re here, and we like to include all Moms when we're talking about Women's Clothing, because even though we run around with the kids all day, we still are women yearning for and seeking fashion and style!

    Here is a short list of words and phrases to help you as Women and Moms the next time you run into this type of problem to shop for clothing.

    womens clothingAnd don't forget to sign up for all of our coupons and specials to shop for Women's Clothing right here at Apricot Collection.


    happy shopping


    Let's Get to Women's Clothing Defined, Shall We?


    *Women's Clothing A-line

    Term used to describe skirts. Women's A-line skirts fit closely around the waist and are slightly wider at the bottom.


    *Women's Clothing Clingy

    Fitting in a way that shows the shape of your body.


    *Women's Clothing Empire Waistline

    A type of dress or top where the waist line is raised above the natural waistline, sometimes as high as right below the bust. This creates the illusion of length, and hides women's bottom-heavy figures or thick waists. Think Jane Austin and “Pride & Prejudice”.


    *Women's Clothing Décolleté

    A women's clothing piece that is very low at the top in a manner that shows the shoulders and a bit below.


    *Women's Clothing Double Breasted

    Used to describe two parallel lines of buttons down the front of a jacket or coat, as opposed to single breasted when there’s only one line of buttons.


    *Women's Clothing Pleated

    A fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. Pleats sewn into place are called tucks.


    *Women's Clothing Drip dry or Easy Care

    Women's clothes that do not require ironing (we like that!)


    *Women's Clothing Lined

    When the clothes have another layer of fabric on the inside; usually found in skirts, dresses and pants.


    *Women's Clothing Ready-to-wear or Off-the-rack

    Women's clothes that are made for everyone, as opposed to “tailored”.


    *Women's Clothing Padded

    Think the 90’s – padded shoulders. Ring a bell? Some think this trend is coming back now. Will you wear it?


    *Women's Clothing Plunging

    When the top part of the breasts can be seen; Think glamorous designer Oscar gowns.


    *Women's Clothing Raglan

    Sleeves that go all the way to the neck without a separate join at the shoulder, just one piece.


    *Women's Clothing Voluminous

    These clothes have a lot of material and are loose on the body.


    *Women's Clothing Embellished

    Making an outfit more interesting by adding a detail;

    womens clothing

    womens clothingNow that you have Women's Clothing Defined, let's get to the every day nitty gritty of actually picking your outfit as both Moms and Women.

    So you’re not going to work today.

    You decided to stay home, because you have an enormous amount of errands that you need to take care of, and you've been postponing for quite some time; your kid is home because there’s another PA day; or you just decided you need some break from the office. So you’re working from home today, but you’re taking your lap top to the nearest coffee shop, and you will do your work from there.

    womens clothingNow the next question that comes to mind for us stylish Moms and Women is – what are you going to wear?

    Here are few outfit options for you for those “off-work” days when you still have things to do outside of the house, but still want to look & feel great!

    There are five different looks by using eleven styles. These styles can be played and mixed & matched in other forms as well...


    womens clothing

    Shop Women's Clothing Look #1:

    (1)   Crew Blue Cardigan / $165

    (2)   Pants: 7/8 Stretch Jean / $175


    womens clothing

    Shop Women's Clothing Look #2:

    (1)   Top: Pretty Flowers / $70

    (2)   Pinkish Pants / $88


    womens clothing

    Shop Women's Clothing Look #3:

    (1)   Top: Beading On White / $135

    (2)   7/8 Stretch Jean / $175


    womens clothing

    Shop Women's Clothing Look #4:

    (1)   Molly Print Scarf / $85

    (2)   Top: Upscale T / $135

    (3)   Pants: 7/8 Stretch Blue / $175


    womens clothing

    Shop Women's Clothing Look #5:

    (1)   Top: Double Collar / $56

    (2)   Pants: Print Slim / $130

    Now here you are ladies, with a complete guide to understanding all those fashion terms you read in a magazine. You have specific outfit ideas for your daily errands, but you still need your very first step to go shop.

    What's that step?


    Know how to measure yourself for your best fit possible! Here's a video to explain how to do that for your top shopping experience here at Apricot Collection...


    womens clothingIf you think Ashleigh Scott is helpful in that video, you can ask her more!  Send your Style Chat Questions in, and get them answered...maybe even featured on your Apricot site.

    Women's Clothing Defined at Apricot Collection

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